There’s a set of photos from my recent trip to Wien over on Flickr. (If you’d like to take a look, there’s a link in the photo above – click it, then click “vienna” in the sidebar to the right of the photo.)

Most of the photos were taken during several all-day walks through the city streets. The raven above was one of my favorite sights on my first day of wandering. Along with a deep and abiding affection for crows and ravens and jackdaws, which I appreciate for their resourcefulness, intelligence, and adaptability, I also love seeing things-out-of-time, scenes that could be resonant in many different periods and places. I watched this magnificent beast tearing at a lump of carrion for about 25 minutes. It was stark and beautiful.

I’ve been taking digital pictures for about 6 years, strictly for my own pleasure, and not as any artistic endeavor. But as I look back on the photographs I’ve piled up over the years, I see that my personal restrictions have resulted in something like a style: the Oulipo effect, I suppose. For example, I generally don’t take pictures of humans without asking permission. When people do appear in my pictures, they are mostly blurred or indistinct or distant, unrecognizable in some way. It’s a rule, not an aesthetic choice, but it results in something like a style. My photostream is full of images that impressed me for their textural qualities, their colors, their lines. If you like that sort of thing, go take a look.

(Most of the pictures look better when viewed large, which you can do by clicking “All Sizes” above each image. Cheers.)

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