So Nate Page is carving down magazines, leaving eyes marooned like unmoored islands floating over mesas, canyons, flood-worn arroyos, page after page layered like geological cutaways, like the snow between stations, like the whirl of page after page of imagery, click-through, static age. It’s simple but I like it. Or do I mean it’s simple AND I like it?




A friend made a lovely collection of clothing and body decoration. Go look. It makes me want to ban khakis altogether. And insist that all accessories be made by hand.



If I was to mysteriously become rich someday, and I only had time to buy one couture piece before I ate myself, I would buy Alexander McQueen. And then of course I would shove all my filthy lucre into prisoner aid, anti-racist organizing, publishing manifestos, and making urban collective farm-parks.

Thank you, Style Rookie, for providing my daily dose of fashion.…


The miniature childwoman who writes Style Rookie is fantabulous. We’ll be hearing from her for a long time to come, I wager – this one’s got a FUTURE. Either that or her aesthetic dedication will be utterly derailed by puberty and temptation. Stay tuned.

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