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A counter-recruitment video, made using ‘footage’ from the US Army video game.


(Still via Aethetic Assembly)

Several friends have brought M.I.A.’s ‘Born Free’ video to my attention. It’s about the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of redheads. You can watch it at the Vimeo page linked above. The director, Romain-Gavras, has an interesting sensibility. For a French man.

Here’s an interview:





I would welcome a dialogue about these photographs. I find them rather extraordinary. I wonder if the predatory eye is related to the artist’s eye. But there is a weight of hesitation slowing my hands even as I type this. I find myself pausing, applying extra carefulness, wondering how to proceed, whether to proceed at all, in talking about these images as artworks. What do you think? Can we talk about the aesthetics of these pictures? Are we required to condemn them? Do ethics have any jurisdiction over taste? Or erotics?


Rodney Alcala liked to take pictures of people. Some of the people he photographed, he also killed. A storage locker of his was discovered recently. Inside, there were dozens of portraits. The Public has been asked to look through the pictures, and report any they recognize to The Authorities, so that the stories of the missing and the dead can be told.

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