Twice as many suicides as Iraq combat deaths in the armed forces.


An interesting little data visualization project by Eric Fischer over on flickr – he’s attempted to represent neighborhoods according to the density of tourist-experiences recorded in photographs. Red zones indicate the areas where the preponderance of photos were taken by tourists, and blue zones are where ‘locals’ take their photos. Yellow zones are those that are photographed, but by people unclassifiable as ‘local’ or ‘foreign.’

I am most interested in the vast uncharted negative spaces of paleness, the unphotographed realms. When you go off the edge of the map, There Be Dragons, don’t you know.



Another victory for those of us with old-fashioned (read: ’16th century’) values. Studies show: Sun is better than sunscreen. Butter is better than margarine. Soap is better than antibacterial handwipes. And heartbreak is better than apathy. (That last one, you’ll just have to trust.)

Transparency: The Growth of Food Stamps

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This flickr archive of intriguing infographics from GOOD magazine is full of nice tidbits. Check out the Our Favorite Drugs graph.

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