The large hadron collider is utterly kick-ass in a multitude of ways, such as spawning ‘doomsday lawsuits‘ in which plaintiffs struggle to establish standing against black holes. And inspiring loving raps by earnest Euro-scientists. Also, it just happens to be stunningly beautiful. There are 27 photos over on The Big Picture.


So Nate Page is carving down magazines, leaving eyes marooned like unmoored islands floating over mesas, canyons, flood-worn arroyos, page after page layered like geological cutaways, like the snow between stations, like the whirl of page after page of imagery, click-through, static age. It’s simple but I like it. Or do I mean it’s simple AND I like it?


Anti-copyright policy wonks at Stay Free! magazine have made an exhibition of copyright-infringing artworks. You can download an audio compilation at the link below. It’s a nice little history of sampling – or, rather, a history of PUNISHING sampling.

At the same website, you can also get Brad Neely’s Wizard People, Dear Reader, an alternate soundtrack/script for Harry Potter – you play the recording while watching the movie with the sound turned down. Friggin’ hi-larious.

Now will someone please steal a Koons sculpture and cut it up to make a different sculpture out of it?

(Thanks to Erica Marshall of for Creative Commons licensing her cassette pic, above, and to sequins and stardust for the Koons pic.)

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