“As the insanity of the collective mind surfaces, we will be moved to protest. First and foremost, for effective action one must realize their connection to this insanity and its manifestations within themselves. This realization is not a place of resignation, but truly a place of power. It is okay to be angry, in fact that is the first step. And it is okay to feel sadness. As sadness evolves it becomes compassion, and as compassion opens, the Love that has no opposition emerges. When you stand in the beauty of your humanity in the face of dysfunction, that must be the place of “protest”. And then it is not really protest, it is mirroring the beauty an establishment can no longer control. LOVE TO YOU ALL.”


(The photograph is from the website of The Teaching, one of Mr. Flory-Barnes’ many musical endeavors:


Anti-copyright policy wonks at Stay Free! magazine have made an exhibition of copyright-infringing artworks. You can download an audio compilation at the link below. It’s a nice little history of sampling – or, rather, a history of PUNISHING sampling.

At the same website, you can also get Brad Neely’s Wizard People, Dear Reader, an alternate soundtrack/script for Harry Potter – you play the recording while watching the movie with the sound turned down. Friggin’ hi-larious.

Now will someone please steal a Koons sculpture and cut it up to make a different sculpture out of it?

(Thanks to Erica Marshall of for Creative Commons licensing her cassette pic, above, and to sequins and stardust for the Koons pic.)

Over a vast and delightful meal at Umi, an old friend diagnosed the cause of some recent, erm, changes in my persona. He claims that my newly technophiliac music tastes are symptomatic of spending too much time in Europe. I think he may be right. Before going abroad for skool, I didn’t like watching sports, drinking jagermeister, or listening to techno. A mere 11 months in Budapest was enough to turn me 180 degrees on all three issues. I now have season tickets for the local soccer team; I occasionally choose to drink jagermeister (for medicinal purposes only, mind you) and, most shocking of all, I listen to a fair amount of music that I would have despised a few years ago. I did not ENDURE Eurovision, I ENJOYED it. And, after nursing a lifelong aversion to techno, I have become a convert. (Not enough of a convert to attend to all those finicky genre distinctions – blogbass/grimematic/d&b&v&s/whatEVS. It’s all techno to me.)

So I find the Crookers-Kid Cudi alliance strangely compelling. See what you think.

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