Not to diminish the carnival of contemporary journalistic scandal, but this piece is a pretty rollicking read on yellow journalism as practiced in the 19th century.


I don’t care if they are visible; I just hope there are LOTS of them. Read their “Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey.”

Glenn Greenwald, in all his prolific, scathing beauty, has posted a blow-by-blow account of collusion between the Washington Post and the Obama administration as they mutually masturbate and defend the anti-American travesty that is the Patriot Act. Good morning reading – fired up? Let’s go!

Thank you, Burke, for adding Glenn to my regular Reader list. Xo.


If I was to mysteriously become rich someday, and I only had time to buy one couture piece before I ate myself, I would buy Alexander McQueen. And then of course I would shove all my filthy lucre into prisoner aid, anti-racist organizing, publishing manifestos, and making urban collective farm-parks.

Thank you, Style Rookie, for providing my daily dose of fashion.…

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