Infiltration: charmingly dishevelled, bookish Englishman at a Tea Party.


Jonathan Raban went to the Tea Party Nation convention, and wrote bemusedly about it for the New York Review of Books, bless his heart. Interestingly, he got the impression that there was quite a bit of (silent) dissention in the ranks, especially some reserve concerning overt religiosity. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, maybe the grumblers will get caught up in rapturous pseudo-fascism if the right Leader arises, but I like to think that even the Tea Partiers with all their populist folksy just-plain-ole-small-town-VALUES rhetoric are finding it hard to agree on, well, values. Sigh. It’s not easy organizing a revolution in a placidly fragmented society ‘compsed’ of micromarkets and ‘connected’ by consumer preferences.

Read it here:

(image by Mike Urban at the Seattle PI. RIP.


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