There is some good news. Sometimes.


The United States is one of only 12 countries in the world that restricts the free movement of HIV-positive people across its borders. For the last 22 years, HIV-positive people have been banned from traveling to the United States. (And it’s not just discriminatory against positive people, it’s also racist: the selection process takes place during the visa application process, so it unfairly targets people from countries with visa requirements, and, of course, those countries include the whole continent of Africa.)

But no more! The HIV travel ban has been lifted, effective January 4, 2010. So, some good news happens sometimes! Sorry, that’s about all the enthusiasm I can muster for the Obama administration these days. (For my beloved policy wonk types, there is source material below. For those who would like to read a touching human-interest story, click through the photo above to read a piece from the Gotham Gazette.)

Here’s the CDC guidance page describing the policy change:

Here’s the Federal Register final rule:

And here’s an immigration attorney’s analysis of the effects the rule change:


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