Agnotology : Is there a graduate degree in this?


File under “Ya learn something new every day”: Agnotology, I learned this afternoon, is the study of the cultural production of doubt or ignorance. As all cynical (read: observant) citizens know, massive quantities of money and effort are spent on obscuring, occluding, and misrepresenting events and facts. As a result, American political ‘dialogue’ no longer resembles a debate or a conversation. It’s collusion in mass brainwashing, the consensual production of complicity, and the dissemination of useful delusions.

So agnotology is the study of how this collusion is manufactured. I want to do a graduate degree in THAT – it’d be like an anti-marketing degree. Dismantling public relations. Antipaganda. If you feel you would qualify for a tenure-track position, please contact me. Our university will be accepting its first students within the next decade or so. If it’s not too late.


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