Unalloyed beauty.

Please, do yourself a favor and go peruse the stunning collection of slime-mold photographs in Myriorama’s flickr set.

I’m meditating on beauty today: ukiyo-e, empherality, scale, tenderness.


Why are homecomings always leave-takings?


(Thanks, Meghatron, for the beautiful slime molds.)

  1. Paul Romero said:

    I look at these things and notice their obvious resemblance to larger structures. I wonder how far this goes? If we could look at the tiny bits that make up these tiny bits what would we see? If we look at ourselves, our skyscrapers, our cities, our planet, our universe as tiny bits, what do we imagine the larger structure to look like? … It makes me think of Horton Hears a Who.

  2. S said:

    I heart you, PR! The slime molds do indeed bring on a dizzying sense of scale….like looking at a photograph of a beautiful alien landscape, thinking it might be Martian caves, and then looking at the caption to realize it’s an ear canal….

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