Festival Proposal I


I’ve long been enamored of the idea that We don’t need institutions to do our intellectual/cultural exchanging, that We are in fact constricted and muffled by our over-reliance on institutions, and that We should be taking matters into Our own hands. I’m always hearing my university-affiliated compatriots complaining about bureaucratic turf wars and Kafka-esque administrative procedures. After my modest attempt at gradskool participation, I don’t envy them.

The thing I DO miss about gradskool is the ampleness of opportunity for long, impassioned arguments. The kind that begin with current events and quickly head for the stratosphere of philosophical speculation, or dig into the underguts of sex and hunger. I miss having a readymade group of compatriots who have all read, and thought about, the same books.

But I don’t think I need gradskool to create that sort of atmosphere. Let’s just Do It Ourselves. Let’s have monthly thematics, and networked seminars, and debates with guest presenters. Except let’s eliminate conference rooms, fluorescent lights, powerpoint, and external funding. We can use kitchen tables and barrooms and midnight parkbenches, and bonfires and candlelight and sunshine, and the good ol’ fashioned human voice, and face, and gesture. And fuck funders – we can make our own vodka and sandwiches. Potlatch film festivals; bookfeasts…these aren’t new ideas. Let’s execute. (Misha, Ice Lady, DJ Quodlibetical Demiurge, Princess Roger, Milutis, Burke, Meghatron, Zed Equals Zee, The Old Man, Jason Z: I’m CALLING YOU OUT.)

So, as a suggestion. Eliminative Culinarism has a piquant list of Speculative Realist Cinema and Literature. Maybe we could collectively accumulate copies of these titles, distribute them amongst ourselves, and have a day of viewing/discussion/imbibing? In MY utopia, this would be a typical weekend. Xoxoxoxox.

  1. Roger Weaver said:

    I’d be interested in participating. I favor the in-person salon but I’m up for whatever. I love the movie ‘Carnival of Souls’. I would prefer *not* to engage in a lot of pomo-critical theory-semiotexte-critical/cultural studies jargon if possible. To reverse that, I would like to state up front that if conversation goes in that direction I will do everything in my power to ask endless annoying questions asking that each little jargon bit be put into plain English (or restated until it- the abstraction- becomes understood). Unfortunately, when people cannot speak plainly, the conversations end up being little more than question and answer sessions where one side tries to drag clarity from the other side- a tiresome exercise. In other words: I would like to engage in dialogues and open up space rather than make a lot of points and/or show how many theorists/artists/obscure movements/little known concepts I can drop. But whatever- bring it on.

  2. S said:

    Um. Princess? Maybe you don’t remember who you’re talking to. How many conversations have we had about literature? How many times have they devolved into pomo-mush? IMHO, the answer is zero. ZERO times. There are plenty of opportunities for that sort of thing, if they happen to be one’s cup of tea, and if they were MY cup of tea, I would be comfortably ensconced in an English department somewhere, mutually masturbating some unkempt ex-’68-er with a fake French accent and publishing tiresome papers with a lot of forwardslashes and parentheses in the titles. You know: (dis) integrating the numismatics of langue/language in the (post) humanities. Or something.So, objection duly noted, my dear, but this anxiety of yours is a strawman. Xoxoxox.

  3. Roger Weaver said:

    I think I’m largely reacting to some of the language on the Eliminative Culinarism page such as:”Bruno Dumont’s After-human trilogy (L’humanité, Twentynine Palms, Flanders): the concept of after-human contra the pseudo-vitalistic posthuman, death of desire, complete eradication of behavioral ration, non-existentialist recourse to the void”.I am well aware of your conversational abilities. Just thought I’d start us of my throwing down a friendly gauntlet.rdw

  4. Roger Weaver said:

    I meant to say “start us off”.

  5. Roger Weaver said:

    “Start us off by”. Damn, my copy editing powers are weak this morning.

  6. S said:

    hahaha – well, I promise that I don’t endorse the surrounding language of the webpage – but I think it’s mildly interesting that the so-called speculative realist philosophers (or at least one of them) believe that the list has some philosophical coherence, or that it illustrates a particular splinter-genre. Anyway, we can make our own list or theme or whatevs – it’s just sometimes interesting to start from an alien concept and see how our own explorations work toward or away from the originating interpretation. Whoah. I guess I AM in danger of intellectual masturbation! Yikes. Keep a collar on me, darlin’. (btw, can I mention how excited I am by the salonish possibilities inherent in our impending cohabitation?? soooo much fun to be had…)

  7. Meghatron said:

    I call to order a non-temporal Anti-theory party

  8. S said:

    Hear hear. Harrrrrrumph. Et cetera.

  9. Roger Weaver said:

    I’m looking forward to the salons arising from our future co-habitation as well. You know, I might suggest starting off with the Persak as he is most unlikely to join in. For instance, he doesn’t like watching films let alone talking about them. So starting with him might help narrow our choice for initial field of inquiry.

  10. paralyzed bus (the former DJ Quodlibetical Demiurge) said:

    Greetings from serfdom. I’m in. Sarah, have you read either ‘eden eden eden’ or ‘tomb for 500,000 soilders’ by Guyotat? He’s a fucking microphone swallower – a real celineophiliac. I’m not recommending. He’s on that infernal list. I’m down for whatever – you know I like to party.

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