Collapse IV: “Concept Horror.” At last, a philosophical journal addresses MEATY issues. Lovecraft and black slime abound.


The journal Collapse is verrrrry interessssting. And it’s available now for free download (click through the picture above, or here:)…

A few appetizing tidbits from within:

“Blasphemous life is the life which is living but that should not be living.”

– Eugene Thacker, in re: Lovecraft, in “Nine Disputations on Theology and Horror.”

“The spread of the tentacle – a limb-type with no Gothic or traditional precedents (in ‘Western’ aesthetics) – from a situation of near total absence in Euro-American teratoculture up to the nineteenth century, to one of being the default monstrous appendage of today, signals the epochal shift to a Weird culture.”

– China Mieville, in “M. R. James and the Quantum Vampire: Weird; Hauntological: Versus and/or and and/or or?”


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