The evolution of Snickersaurusbehemoth Rex.

Check out this olde-skool candybar commercial. Aside from being a mildly amusing document displaying 70s advertising aesthetics, it's evidence for new findings in food history. Many people are familiar with the concept of 'calorie creep.' Since the 1930s, food has gotten progressively cheaper in the United States, and portions have gotten larger. Much larger. The calorie count of the 'typical' dish has increased 40%, and often more. A recent comparative study of cookbooks has shown that, even at home, Americans are consuming waaaaay more calories per meal than they did Back in the Day. The change is due both to ingredients and portion size. Here's a blog entry on the phenomenon:

So, look at the Snickers bar at the end of that retro commercial. It's like, Halloween-miniature size by today's standards. If I ever find myself besieged by a marketing-induced craving for a crappy American chocolate bar, I'll split it with someone. Like, two someones. Hopefully then I won't be sluggish and gargantuan when it comes time to run from (or at) the Forces of Evil.


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