Conservapedia: why haven’t I heard about this before today?


This one is NOT a parody. Or, rather, it’s a startling effective auto-parody. Life is so complicated sometimes.

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  1. DJ Quodlibetical Demiurge said:

    I HAVE SLEPT WITH ALL THE GIRLS IN BERLIN (Sisters Of Mercy)… Shake me down again… Shake me down and then… Shake me down againI can wake up in this zooI’ve been used and abusedI’ve been chased and I’ve been bruisedI can take what I’ve been toI’ve been naked on the newsI’ve been debased and disabusedJust leave me downtown when you’re through Turn me over Turn me in I have slept with all the girls in BerlinGirls on smoke and girls on weedGirls on coke and girls on speedGirls who choke and girls who smileGirls who swallow in denialGirls in crisis, ultra-hippedWeird as Isis, wide as EgyptGirls in cars and girls on shipsGirls in bars and girls on stripsGirls on journeys, girls on tripsGirls on gurneys, girls on dripsAnd a girl too far with pale blue lips so shake me down againGirls like you with poison tipsGirls like you like pistol whipsGirls in over-zealous greenWith a third degree in jealousy so Turn me over Turn me in I have slept with all the girls in Berlin

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