Over a vast and delightful meal at Umi, an old friend diagnosed the cause of some recent, erm, changes in my persona. He claims that my newly technophiliac music tastes are symptomatic of spending too much time in Europe. I think he may be right. Before going abroad for skool, I didn’t like watching sports, drinking jagermeister, or listening to techno. A mere 11 months in Budapest was enough to turn me 180 degrees on all three issues. I now have season tickets for the local soccer team; I occasionally choose to drink jagermeister (for medicinal purposes only, mind you) and, most shocking of all, I listen to a fair amount of music that I would have despised a few years ago. I did not ENDURE Eurovision, I ENJOYED it. And, after nursing a lifelong aversion to techno, I have become a convert. (Not enough of a convert to attend to all those finicky genre distinctions – blogbass/grimematic/d&b&v&s/whatEVS. It’s all techno to me.)

So I find the Crookers-Kid Cudi alliance strangely compelling. See what you think.


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